Introducing the Home of Task Services

When it comes to getting online with your own website there are a lot of factors that come into play with making your online presence a success. With our new website, we offer a full-featured task service marketplace with micro jobs at very competitive rates. Whether you need web-design or professional writing, our website offers you the opportunity to present your task needed to be completed along with your budget. Our freelance experts give you the option to outsource your desired work for a fee. On the other side of the spectrum, we offer freelance workers the opportunity to place their services online from $1 to $100. Once the work is completed the freelancer gets paid as long as the client is happy with the results. If you need to hire someone to complete a micro job for you or are looking to expand your freelance working opportunities, TaskHood is the new answer online and our popularity continues to climb!

How it works

So how exactly does it work you may be wondering? Well, the very first thing you need to do is signup for a free user account. It only takes a minute and puts you into the fast lane with either getting web tasks completed or offering yourself and abilities as a freelance micro job provider. It is free to join so begin your journey by signing up.

To begin with, the price input options are very straightforward for freelancers. Jobs on the TaskHood service marketplace can be offered at a base starting price of only $1 and the maximum base price of a service is $100 which can be determined by the seller. Our freelance users are put on a four-level rating system to help determine the expertise they offer and it also governs the options for fees when offering services. We will explain the three levels below and how they work just keep on reading.

Seller Levels

After registration, the user level is 0 which is known as a beginner. As a beginner freelance provider the maximum base starting price for a single job is $5; 2 job extras up to $5; 3 additional revisions can be up to $5; you also get 2 basic job & extra job multiples and you are able to send a custom offer up to $100. Now let’s take a look at the next level available.

At level 1 known as a rookie, the maximum base starting price for a single job is up too $25; 4 job extras can be up to $20; 10 basic job and extra job multiples; and you can also send custom offers up to $500.

At level 2 which is referred to as a Master, the maximum base starting price for a single job is $50; 5 job extras up to $50; 15 basic job multiples and the ability to send custom offers up to $1,000.

Lastly at level 3 which is the top rated seller position or expert level your options change. The max base starting price for a single job can be up to $100. You also get 6 job extras up to $100 as well as 20 basic ob and extra job multiples. You can also offer custom offers up to $5,000 and are eligible for promotional featured listings on TaskHood.

Job Fees

Fortunately posting a service on our website is completely free. Our service is based on a commission rate so our website only takes a 20% percent of each successfully completed transaction. This means that it won’t cost you anything to search our service marketplace. All users on all levels are guaranteed to be paid after a 14 day earnings clearance. The minimum withdrawal amount is only $20 which is a lot better than many other websites.

Find Experts

When it comes to finding experts to get micro jobs completed you will find that our service marketplace will fulfill your needs and desires with competitive rates and a professional marketplace. You can take advantage of the opportunities on our website to sell your services or you can task out your micro jobs that need to be completed. TaskHood gives you the opportunity to sell your services or task out micro jobs that are guaranteed to satisfy your needs. Our website makes everything easy to use and benefit from whether you are a buyer or seller.


All a buyer has to do is find the service you need by comparing prices, portfolios, and recommendations. Next, you give a detailed project request. Followed by a conversation with the seller once you are happy you get your task service delivered guaranteed.


As a seller, you post your service and skills so your clients know what you offer. Secondly, you communicate with your customer laying out the details and once your job is completed you receive a rating and compensation.

In the year 2018, this service will help you with your website needs or help you to grow your freelance business. Sign up today and experience the power and convenience of!

December 19, 2017