5 Reasons To Use TaskHood

A new microjobs service marketplace is the new top choice for website owners to get quality tasks completed for much less than many of the other sites. With TaskHood you are enabled with the opportunity to recieve quality work from freelancers around the world at job rates starting at only $1. You may be wondering how this can be possible but if that amazes you it only gets better by continuing to read below.

Unfortunately, on other sites, you have to spend hours of time creating job descriptions and then, even more, time on looking through job proposals from freelancers. On TaskHood finding a high-quality freelancer is incredibly easy. When you are stuck with limited time and need to outsource work, you can easily search our website and hire an expert to get microjobs done for you immediately. Like I mentioned earlier the Taskhood service marketplace price starts at only $1 per job. How can this even be possible? We will explain it to you shortly.

With the value of different currencies across the world you can hire freelancers at a highly discounted rate for the same professional work you would receive if you were to hire other companies to complete your microjobs. With our featured freelancers from around the world, you have a highly skilled and trained list of individuals at your disposal for a fraction of the cost. Not to mention the quality you receive can put you on an even playing field with your competitors. Not only is the Taskhood service marketplace cost effective, it is also safe for you the buyer.

Taskhood gives you the buyer protection from any problems. If you experience any issues with any of our sellers over anything you can rest assured that TaskHood will side with you. We offer a money back guarantee if you are disappointed with the work you receive. We pay our freelancers 80% of your payment and Taskhood keeps 20% so you receive a large portion of your money back. We ensure quality and with our rating system and reviews offered by other buyers you are ensured to have a good experience with Taskhood.

If you need a service marketplace to complete microjobs all you have to do is signup which takes a minute to begin. With the ability to receive quality content from our expert freelancers starting at only $1 you will understand why TaskHood is the new top microjobs service marketplace of 2018!

December 20, 2017